Web, UI/UX + Product Design

Dying Light

I had the pleasure to work for one of the biggest Polish gaming studios – Techland. I designed main site, product card for boxoffstore.com, many banners and marketing assets for ad campaigns connected with Dying Light Game and also with other games. Everything for International Brand Management Department of Techland.

Web, UI Design


I created this project when I worked for PGS Software. I cooperated with User Experience Designer, Back-End and Front-End Development Team, Product Manger and QA Tester. We worked in direct touch with German client. This project was created based on AGILE Environment.

Motion Design

Twitch Gaming Channel

As a motion designer, I’m focusing on real action. I really love fast camera movement, neon colors and some modern effects which are making project fresh and dynamic.  Gaming is one of my hobbies so as a streamer I prepared for myself set of video clips for my channel + whole branding for the website and social media. Fun projects are the best. Because of them, I’m gathering new knowledge working in the most comfortable environment – home.

Web Application (iOS, Android Support)

Tickit – Survey Application

In my career I was working mostly for creative agencies, software houses and big corporations but once I received nice offer from startup based in Vancouver, Canada to help them as a Lead UI/UX Designer. That job was for me something new, different and challenging but I was happy that I can work directly for healthcare in the fast changing environment. We were together creating and maintaining survey application to improve the delivery of care by helping healthcare organizations gather and analyze information from patients. I have redesigned app, created back-end dashboard for physicians and clinics to allow them to access patients data in the easiest and most user-friendly way. Also, I prepared some movie clips for competitions and as tutorials for new users.

Web, UI/UX Design


I am creating many things connected with advertising campaigns. Landing pages, mailings, banners, etc. This project I created for one of the biggest Polish e-commerce. The main idea was to give customers new service which is a montage. If you want to buy for example new tv, the company can deliver your product and mount / configure it for you in your home.

Web, UI/UX Design


Carpooling is the sharing of car journeys so that more than one person travels in a car. With the super creative team, I designed a new version of Inonecar – carpooling system. In my projects, I am always focusing on colors, effects and usability rules. For sure parallaxes and video clips or awesome photos can help find and absorb potential client! All connected with clear, flat design …

Ad Campaign UI / mobile app

1-3 May

Responsive web design is an approach to Web and UI design aimed at designing sites to provide an optimal viewing and interaction experience in connection with usability rules. And about this case, good Designer should think all the time.

Web, UI/UX/Ix Design

User Experience

As an UI/UX Designer I am focusing on design layer of project to deliver the highest quality products starting from scratch. I am not preparing though any things connected with company strategy, clients approach etc. This is work directly created for full-stack UX Designer/Developer after specialized studies to work in a professional way on these cases. People are not seeing very often differences that’s why I wanted to point that out. My User Experience process and research are connected an only with design, User Interface, Usability and Interactions Design. All User Experience diagrams and flows are confidential because they are connected with strategy of company/product so I can not show all of them. Only samples. I am using Axure, UXPin, Gliffy, InVision, Figma, Sketch and Adobe products to work on my projects. I am always doing everything to achieve the best results and satisfy internal and external clients which is the most important group of people … our users!

Web, UI/UX Design, Front-end / Back-end Dev

Black Russian Terrier Foundation

I was the main designer and developer of website and dedicated content management system for Black Russian Terrier Foundation. I was happy to help them! Something different in the flow where we all doing commercial projects only to keep giving companies an opportunity to earn more money. I did a good deed and created a tool to help dogs.

Motion Design

Video Shooting

For a couple of years, I am trying to work also on a video project. It is my kindly new part of professional passion. Still, I am gathering knowledge and learning new things connected with motion design.

I have studied Journalism and Communication, and during my studies, I created couple documentary movies in cooperations with editors, operators, screenwriters and journalists from TVP (Polish Television).

Motion Design

Footage Editing

In my career, I have created some video projects. For future, I would like to make more this type tasks and improve my video skills to make footage in the same professional way like my other stuff which you can see in my portfolio.

In my life, I have been for a long time in reggae music environment. I have created demoreel for music group – Bethel and worked with Rastastacja (reggae radio station – and with this team, we were shooting interviews, concert backstages, and teasers for radio auditions. As a team, we were cooperating for example with Marika, East West Rockers, and Kamil Bednarek.


You have got a chance to see my featured projects and read a short story about me. More stuff you can find @Dribbble. Check this out!

Please remember though that usually, I am working based on NDA and can not share anything

so you can see an only small amount of projects which I did in my creative life.