In The Gaming World I’m Sho

I’m Playing Games Only For Fun And To Be A Part Of Some Interesting Adventure, Story

I’ve started my gaming journey with ATARI in the early 90s. Currently, PC and PlayStation are my gates to the virtual entertainment. As a classic PC gamer, I prefer mouse and keyboard to play in a comfortable, quick way with correct reflex actions. After using for many years these default control devices, unfortunately, I have still problems with my console’s Dualshock…

PlayStation, PC

On My Twitch Channel, You Will See Me LIVE In A Different Games

For sure it’s going to be:

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six® Siege, Red Dead Redemption 2, Fallout 76, Arma 3, X-Plane 11 and Doom Ethernal


Just Clean Entertainment…

On my channel on Twitch, you can find broadcasts of gameplays. Everything without unnecessary comments as a theme. Subscribe to my channel and share info about forshoTV with your friends.

Sometimes, if I will play in a really good game, it is going to be featured on my website in a separated article in the blog section including some media and short review.



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