Bowen Island

Couple weeks ago I’ve decided to spent some time locally around Vancouver. I’ve chosen island 30min/1h ride from my home. So beautiful place! … Bowen Island is an island municipality that is part of Metro Vancouver, BC, Canada. In addition, Island is included within the jurisdiction of the Islands Trust. Located in Howe Sound, is approximately 6 km wide by 12 km long, with the island at its closest point about 3 km west of the mainland. ~wiki

“Quiet and alluring, a short distance from Vancouver, it’s a welcome escape from the stresses of city life.”



Beautiful British Columbia

I have always wanted to live in a place where I have in the neighborhood mountains, ocean, forests … Where I can hike, ski, swim, windsurf without driving far, far away from home. I arrived in Canada some time ago with a plan to stay here. I have moved into Vancouver BC and I can say for sure that I have found my dream place in the world. That was one of my the best decisions in life. Vancouver is a seaport city on the mainland of British Columbia, and the most populous city in the province. It is an urban center surrounded by wild nature. The best spot to work, live and play. Basecamp for all adventures around. In the wildness… Below you can see some photos attached to this post. I will keep updating this gallery to show you the most actual pictures from my natural BC’s life…

“Province where I have arrived, and known for the first time. Place where I belong. Nature which I love…”