Survey Application

One day I received interesting job offer from startup based in Vancouver, Canada to work for them as a Lead UI/UX Designer. That job was for me something new, different and challenging but I was happy that I can work directly for healthcare in the fast changing environment. We were together creating and maintaining survey application to improve the delivery of care by helping healthcare organizations gather and analyze information from patients. I have redesigned app, created back-end dashboard for physicians and clinics to allow them to access patients data in the easiest and most user-friendly way. Also, I prepared some movie clips for competitions and as tutorials for new users.


UI/UX Design
Front-End Development


ShiftHealth – TickIt

Web/Mobile App

Healthcare data are very sensitive

ShiftHealth found a way how to collect data in a very secure way helping healthcare profesionals achieve their goals and gather all data from their patients. Same time app is allowing patients to feel more confident when providing any personal information in safe way.

UI / UX Design.

Acting as a UI/UX Lead on the project, I have designed the application, starting at UI research, ideating, designing, validating and delivering this award-winning helthcare app. The startup is a successful, publically listed business.

UCD / Usability.

The application is highly usable, intuitive and easy to onboard. As a result, patients and healthcare professionals are able to login using their credentials, and start using the app effortlessly.

Validation / Testing.

Some GUI tweaks are dedicated for specific clinics. After design work is done I was validating UI using one-on-one user testing sessions and vox-pops style focus groups tests. The feedback usually helped me bring a final set of improvements before design got accepted by the business and final client decided to move forward with the implementation.

That was certainly a big and tricky project. I needed to embody the existing experience, but improve at the same time.

Design System

New Design Process

As a lead UI/UX Designer my first decision was to create completely new design process within the company, and start thinking about projects more globally allowing people in the future to better understand ideas, and behaviours.

Common series of steps has been done in creating functional processes which allowed me and my team to start working in effective, and reliable way on our product.


Survey App Dashboard


App / API Technical User Flow

Twitch Gaming Channel