Concept FIFA Companion App

I think that there is always a place for changes, and that is why I have created a concept version of the FIFA Companion App, including a different approach to some features and user flow.


UI/UX Design


Electronic Arts

Concept App

FIFA 20 is a football simulation video game published by Electronic Arts as part of the FIFA series.

Problem Statement.

Modern-looking application allowing FIFA Ultimate Team players to manage their teams quickly using native app gestures and interactions.

The Challenge.

The brief for this design challenge is to design and develop an app that will meet all EA goals related to the FIFA game, not take to much development time, and be scalable with currently used frameworks. Same time to deliver the best possible application to the final user, which is expecting from the modern app market more than just a simple interface.

User Goals For the App.

1. Can access all required information from one screen
2. Is able to manage team in a very interactive way instead of using old-school windowed creator
3. Will have possibility to use modern interactions to access even more data – swipe, hover etc.

A Simple Introduction


To better understand my hypothetical user, I created personas that reflects the characteristics of those users that are expected to use this app.


Age: 14
Occupation: Student
Family: Mom, and Dad
Location: São Paulo, Brazil


He’s a young individual who’s spending many hours in the gaming world
He loves modern technology. Using many mobile applications daily basis.


He wants to play sport
He needs to do some home chores
He can’t resist without a computer or console


Age: 34
Occupation: Dancer
Family: Single
Location: Warsaw, Poland


An open-minded individual with an artistic soul. Spending some time after work playing games or watching tv to rest and move herself to a different world where she can be a different person.


She’s tired because of too many tech things on the market. Same time she loves to use some of them. Gaming for her is some kind of the different world she likes to taste. Recently she found out that some things related to her hobby can be done via a mobile app on her phone. She’s expecting simplicity from everything she’s using.


Age: 29
Occupation: Teacher
Family: Common-Law
Location: Vancouver, BC


He’s professional working full-time in school
He prefers to spend time alone
His introverted character isn’t allowing him easy to find new friends
He feels that he’s a little bit lost in the current world


He’s pushed to use new technology same time trying to minimize what he’s doing on the internet. Recently found out some information about FIFA, and as a huge fan of soccer, he decided to familiarize himself with the product. He has created an account on FUT first and didn’t know that’s related to the game. He’s exploring his possibilities to maybe start playing it, additionally to things he’s doing in the app, which is very user friendly to him. He’s worried if he’ll handle super complex interfaces of the game without huge practice with it.

To better see the idea ...

Hi-Fi Prototyping

For this project, I’ve decided to jump into the concept, hi-fi prototyping right after getting used to personal, and the idea itself. I wanted to work on the key – core-x screens to see if the main concept from my head can now be moved to the UI layers. I started from the communication screens and moved to the login area right after. Very important for me was to allow users to use their social media to improve the usability of the app and make the process much possible short.

Visualizing main screens to see how they will behave together

Core-x Screens

Any Help Needed
FIFA 20 Ultimate Team