Any Help Needed

Based on the situation related to COVID-19 where many of us are stuck at home and especially elder and sick people are worried what’s going to be tomorrow, I’ve decided to create an app where everyone can find help. “Any Help Needed” is dedicated to Volunteers, Caregivers and people who are looking for somebody who can give them a hand.


UI/UX Design
Front-End Development


Personal Project

Web Application

Available in Canada, US, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and UK

Problem Statement.

The problem here is worried people about what’s going to be tomorrow who wants to be safe but same time need to do some daily chores or simple groceries. They stuck at home or pushing risk related to the COVID to live their old lives.

The Challenge.

The brief for this design challenge was to design and develop an app that will be accessible to a full spectrum of people from young to most vulnerable old ones. Because of that, the interface needed to be super simple, and at the same time, follow all accessibility rules. Using a bit of e-commerce experience is allowing people to just “get” interesting for them services by simple add to cart method. Same time the app should have a seamless flow throughout the app.

User Goals For the App.

1. Can search for a Volunteers, Caregivers or request the assistance by using pre-defined filters and search engine + locate them live on a map
2. Go through the registration process smoothly where can provide the most important information, and collect data for profile creation purpose
3. Choose interesting for them services or provide them using a simple panel within the app

A Simple Introduction


To better understand the typical user, I created personas that reflect the characteristics of those users that are expected to use this app.


Age: 72
Occupation: Accountant
Family: Widowed, no kids
Location: Vancouver, BC


She’s an elder individual who’s calling herself senior and knows everything better.
She likes to do things on her own, but at the same time, she is worried about her health.


She wants to get her groceries no matter what
She needs to do her daily chores
She needs her coffee


Age: 61
Occupation: Police Officer
Family: Single
Location: Vancouver, BC


Professional individual retired Police Officer who’s devastated because of his health. Most time spending at home, and too proud to ask his busy kids for help.


He’s a tired and very sick man. Super worried about the current COVID situation that can make his life even worse because of his sickness. He requires respite services, no matter the global pandemic, and somebody who can make for him some groceries.


Age: 28
Occupation: Graphic Designer
Family: Common-Law
Location: Vancouver, BC


A very open-minded person eager to help other people.
She is having some free time after the gym when she’s trying to get some groceries for her neighbours.
She’s looking for a way to get to people in COVID times where social distancing is forbidding her to just knock on somebody’s door.
Having huge empathy for people around, and is worried about their well being.


She needs to go to work daily basis but same time having the well-being of their relatives and neighbours on her top of the mind. She isn’t qualified within the vulnerable group, so she isn’t scared about her own health. She’s a very empathic person looking to help people around with their daily chores.

I'm always starting with wireframes


They allowing me to focus on functionality rather than aesthetics. I can always prototype whatever ideas will come into my mind without the designing awesome, hi-fi UI.

Visualizing how the user would interact with the app

User Flow

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